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Canton POP is ripe for innovation and now dreams of a new leap forward with Prosumer.

Further from original content, Prosumer can freely share various re-created Contents in an ecosystem.

Look forward to eventually create infinite content KSOUND Universe

Our Story

Founded in 2022, Ksound.uni Entertainment Company is a local entertainment company in Hong Kong.

Mainly engaged in music production, record distribution, music publishing, film and television production,

artist management and concert production related businesses.

The company is committed to discovering potential talents and cultivating them to become excellent singers and entertainers, hoping to inject unique elements into the entertainment industry.

In addition to the main brand KSOUND UNI

Partner companies include:  KICKSOUND.Espresso Studio.

Artist Management

Discover more potential people and develop them

Planning and production of various contents for specific campaigns

Fully support Artists development in various areas


Music & Video Production

Through the best acoustics & recording studio facilities

1 : 1 Lesson / Recording / Mixing / Mastering

Commercial CM music and cover songs


Our Partner

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