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We are looking for talents
Anyone born between 1998 - 2008
(No restrictions in nationality)

Performance Category

HOw to apply

VOCAL / RAP : 1 song acapella of your choice

DANCE : Freestyle within a minute with music

MODELLING : PR video (Introduce yourself)

ACTING: Free acting video

PRODUCING : A portfolio of your works

  • Send your profile via E-mail, and attach your video file or music file with your photos (face-shots/full-body shots)

  • 通過電子郵件發送您的資料,並附上您的影片或音樂和您的照片(面部照片/全身照片)

  • Titles of E-mail should be Audition-name/ age/ gender/ category eg. (Audition-Anna/ 18/ Female/ Vocal/IG Name)

  • 電子郵件的標題應是Audition-名稱/年齡/性別/類別,例如(Audition-Anna/ 18/ 女/ Vocal/anna_ig)

  • Music(Vocal/Rap/Compose), video(Dance) files that are sent by e-mail should be in MP4, MP3 format

  • 通過電子郵件發送的音樂(歌唱/說唱/作曲)、影片(舞蹈)文件應為 MP4、MP3 格式

  • Your photo files to e-mail, you should be in JPG format (Photo without make up and retouch)

  • 發郵件的照片文件,JPG格式(素顏照片)

  • Avoid uploading unfocused video files or low-quality sound music files

  • 避免上傳沒有對焦的影片或低質量的聲音文件


Audition Result

Audition results will be sent to selected individuals via the email address
(Provided on submitted application within 2 weeks after the audition)

① Selected individuals will get the opportunity to get trained or sign a contract with KSOUND UNI

​② This audition is valid for a long time and does not charge any fees

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